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What an honor to review and listen first (hopefully I'm first). you certainly can tell a great story with music.

Bosa responds:

I hope to represent this story visually someday.

Ah the heart beats ever so affectionally!

I dunno if it's me but uh I think I went overboard from thinking about a beating of a newborn baby's heart to like all of sudden this nice looking place like the garden of Eden or something like that :P. Well your song sounds great as always and has the similar style like your other pieces in someway but that's ok since you wander my mind into peaceful things.

Jabicho responds:

Wow, cool image =D thanks for sharing that! Thanks for the amazing words my friend, I'm glad you like it!

take care!

What an alluring song

Your song brings up indeed brings remembrance memories of my past when I was younger (I'm still young though somewhat). It felt soothing and calm like I felt I could levitate just listening to this well done masterpiece! Although near the end the song keeps going as it fades and It cuts me off in my moment of my childhood and all but overall, this is indeed a special piece! And uh Happy late new year? lol Sorry for the late review

Jabicho responds:

You made my day saying it was alluring, thanks! =D don't worry about the late review, I love reading them anytime.

An odd shiver on my back just listening to this

Not that I'm old I'm still young! :D. Anyways, perfecto job you did here! Hopefully this will be used this October cause it would be perfect for an Halloween flash! The beginning was really the good part that got me all oooed! Then it started to sound a bit heavenly at a moment then gets dark and spooky feeling and some fog :P. I'm not in to techno stuff that much but you damn used it well in my opinion to satisfy me! Well I'll shut up now :x

watermusic34 responds:

Haha, it's a good, haunting melody for sure. I hope it gets used well this October. Thanks so much for reviewing!

A stunning masterpiece well done

It feels like those sad moments when you helping out someone dear to you and always have their back and stay with them also hence your title to this magnificent song. Bravo dude!

I always love piano music. It's one of the type of music that calms me down if mad, stress, or whatever reasons. I don't think its good to take something thats part of you especially since this song is fantastic. Yeah maybe you could just hold it for a bit as I think you might if you do or already done if you did.

Reasoner responds:

I'm right there with ya. It will always hold a special place for me and be able to get me through any kind of struggle with life

thats sweet

I feel in love with this! You're awesome

Follow your Dreams as well

You made me feel much more better today. It feels so good as though I can rest peacefully. I feel like I'm in my happy place even though I'm living in a populated area(sort of). It feels like motivation mood to me in a way.

Jabicho responds:

Thanks for telling me to follow my dreams too! =D Hope everyone follows the title, thanks for the amazing review! =)

It sounds like hope is coming

I'm getting like peaceful images in my head. I cab imagine this place and stuff that I don't wanna type right now cause it's long. I feel really good inside for some reason. Thanks a lot for that :) I can see a good future for you

Jabicho responds:

Thanks for writing that =) I'm so happy to show feelings with music, thanks again =)

I couldn't sing that long nope nope

I like a certain voice :3

It's so beautiful

My god I'm like smiling at this acting as if "those people" brings a tear to ur eye :D

Working on it.

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