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This does give me a vibe of feeling dread of doing late night activities haha. Good stuff!

That's nicely animated. What kind of software did you use?

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks! Flash and After Effects

Interesting stuff. Love the use of colors of this movie of all things. Why? Because I'm strange don't look much into it. Hope to see more stuff if you continue!

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Somewhat Mediocre

At first glance its rather confusing that you wouldn't be able to move but then again that explains the scope that you gotta aim at them. Its quite challenging yes but I say also probably short term game since for me it is kinda laggy and the health bar seems to go down too quickly. Second game you made and from graphics it looks like a well basic effort put out for a novice. I would say good start for you but I suggest that you add some benefits to make the player last longer cause well it gets a bit boring. I THOUGHT you could have played as a zombie since there was two play buttons

hate it

way to freaking hard even on normal

kinda cool

Well I was using a laptop so i kinda had a hard time trying to defend it though they're everywhere! Which yes thats part of the game and stuff. I didn't survive that long cause of those spinning lollipops things

Objection responds:

If you can't even take those out, your laptop must be a major handicap.

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What an honor to review and listen first (hopefully I'm first). you certainly can tell a great story with music.

Bosa responds:

I hope to represent this story visually someday.

Ah the heart beats ever so affectionally!

I dunno if it's me but uh I think I went overboard from thinking about a beating of a newborn baby's heart to like all of sudden this nice looking place like the garden of Eden or something like that :P. Well your song sounds great as always and has the similar style like your other pieces in someway but that's ok since you wander my mind into peaceful things.

Jabicho responds:

Wow, cool image =D thanks for sharing that! Thanks for the amazing words my friend, I'm glad you like it!

take care!

What an alluring song

Your song brings up indeed brings remembrance memories of my past when I was younger (I'm still young though somewhat). It felt soothing and calm like I felt I could levitate just listening to this well done masterpiece! Although near the end the song keeps going as it fades and It cuts me off in my moment of my childhood and all but overall, this is indeed a special piece! And uh Happy late new year? lol Sorry for the late review

Jabicho responds:

You made my day saying it was alluring, thanks! =D don't worry about the late review, I love reading them anytime.

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This could make for an interesting movie...

IrregularCharlie responds:

Want to make it so? ;D

That's one awesome design. By far one of your finest works ever re-imagined by your hands of a fellow lock member. <33333

Neato. I prefer the one on the right.

Working on it.

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