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This does give me a vibe of feeling dread of doing late night activities haha. Good stuff!

That's nicely animated. What kind of software did you use?

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks! Flash and After Effects

Interesting stuff. Love the use of colors of this movie of all things. Why? Because I'm strange don't look much into it. Hope to see more stuff if you continue!

Impressive animation skills. Nice setup and display of action. Loved the way you staged it and made it intense for the viewer while being very fast paced about it. And for a minute and a half of action?! Freaking crazy man! I would love to see more of your work!

C3WhiteRose responds:

Actually it was only 35sec of battle, this animation is more like a test to me, to see what if I put fullout of effects, yet its quite impressive even to me.
New animation might be release in June 2015, wait and see. Glad you like

My god this is by far one of the best video I have ever discovered in my random day of scrolling around for new submissions. Truly a lesson to live by <3

This was a neat film. Looking forward for more!

This is fantastic. You're one clever SOB to catch me off guard at the end.

Hot damn! this is great. I am your first fan. Remember this. You kick ass. <3

JeremyRay responds:

Thanks mate! I've got a Project Tinfoil channel on YouTube with some incomplete and development stuff.

Neato. I saw this short in another website when my instructor showed it in class awhile ago. Its one of my favorites! Love your work!

Astounding! WOO HOO! I miss the "feature presentation" guy. Simpler times man.

My little cousins think Pants is cool. And everyone "dances funny and fish is scary". They almost saw mario thankfully they didn't care anymore at this point.

Working on it.

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